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Trauma treatment

A drastic event can happen to anyone anytime. Nothing is the way it was before. You can become the victim of a car crash for example, been sexually abused or been threatened with violence.

These kind of drastic events give extreme stress and is usually far above your ability to solve it. If it happens to you, you will feel weird and sometimes lose all memories of what happened to you. Sometimes you will feel nothing at all in threatening situations and suddenly feel like you’re in great danger when you’re in a normal daily situation. It’s unreal and the people around you may not understand what’s going on.

Dealing with traumatic events

Not everybody experiences troubles after what has happened to them. Being able or not to process what has happened depends on multiple factors, like your personality, your way of coping, your social network and what you have experienced earlier on in life.

Psychological complaints after a traumatic event

With some triggers, like a certain sound of smell, the event will rise again in your mind and body. You will experience the stress again, be unable to find the words or get into a panic.

Generally you can also have trouble sleeping, get feelings of depression and have trouble concentrating. Being irritated quickly and avoid getting in touch with the memories about the event as much as possible.

How do we help you?

Psychologist Groningen uses different treatment methods and therapies. Together with you we look at the right way for you. Trauma treatment focuses first on building enough support in your environment and yourself to be able to handle all the feelings that come with the trauma. If that feels strong enough, we will work on processing what has happened and be able to give it a place in your life that you can live with.

EMDR is a regular treatment method with trauma, but this is not an option with Psychologist Groningen. We can look together at what alternatives would be appropriate to you.

Are you in need of help?

Contact Psychologist Groningen. We will help you be able to live with you trauma. Our assistant Betty Jongbloed will answer your questions gladly. You can also make a first appointment with her.

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