Relationship coaching or Relationship therapy Groningen?

You love each other, but are unable to connect. Sometimes people grow apart so much that they get a divorce. With relationship therapy or relationship coaching, you will try to restore your relationship or to part in a healthy way. Relationship therapy Groningen is there to investigate if you fit together and discover which path your relationship can take.

When do you need relationship therapy?

There can be multiple reasons to get into relationship therapy together. This is already possible when you are worried about it or when you’re in danger of getting in a rut. On other occasions the motivation is more clear. One of the two has cheated, you have lost sexual interest in each other or there are other tensions that influence your relationship.

Facing each other again with relationship therapy

With relationship therapy we teach you to face yourself and the other again. In that way we give you the control and possibilities to react differently in certain situations. You will see your partner in a milder and softer gaze and understand each other better.

Communication is the best relational coach

During relationship therapy you will discover that communication is an essential part of your relationship. In a stuck communication pattern you don’t understand each other anymore and friction will be the result. Communication is not only what you say, but more importantly how you say it, what you feel by it and if you can sense what the other is feeling. Together with Psychologist Groningen you will work on your relationship and investigate if and how you can continue together.

Is separation inevitable?

It’s also possible that you have become so distanced from each other that a divorce is imminent. In this situation it’s also wise to talk with a relationship therapist to be able to end your relationship in a healthy manner. Especially when there are kids involved, we can help make a plan with which you can continue.

Do you want to work on your relationship?

Contact Psychologist Groningen. We will help you and your partner work on your relationship. Our assistant Betty Jongbloed will answer your questions gladly. You can also make a first appointment with her.

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