Existential questions

Do you have existential questions?

Do you have questions about important issues and existential themes in your life? You are at a crossroad and don’t know which way you want to or should go. This keeps you busy, you worry and maybe sleep less than usual. But because you’re not making a choice, you are stuck in the situation and are unable to move any further. Think of questions like: What do I want with my life? Will I continue in this relationship or not? Where do I find passion in my work? How do I give my life meaning?

The right direction

Through a dialog with friends, your partner or colleagues, you hope to get support and to be able to make a choice. Sometimes however, this does not bring what you had expected. Then it might be a good time to search for professional help, so that you can eventually make a choice or simply investigate the way you want to go with fresh eyes.

Investigating together

The psychologist won’t tell you what to do, on the contrary. She will help you investigate why this particular question is so important to you, what drives you and what options there are to pursue. Finding the right answer isn’t something we only do in our heads, it’s also in our body. The psychologist helps you find that way (back) and helps you to an answer that you can get behind, with your mind and heart.

Do you have existential questions that you want answers to?

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