Mourning arises after the loss of a loved one, but also after a divorce, job dismissal or a miscarriage. You can also mourn the loss of health, unwanted childlessness or an abortion.

How you deal with loss, depends on what you have gone through in life and how you have learned to deal with drastic life situations.

Do you have the right support?

If you have support and your own time and space to grieve, then the process will probably go well for you. You notice that slowly you can handle the pain that comes with the loss more and more and maybe notice that the pain will slowly decrease.

Is your grieving process disrupted?

Are you unable to find the right support? Do you not allow yourself the time and space needed to deal with the loss or have you gone through so much already, that you are unable to cope with this loss as well? Or are you scared that you can’t handle feeling the sadness and is your preference to avoid feeling anything about it? Then it’s possible that your grieving process will be disrupted.

You can sense this is you have, for example, sudden outbursts of sadness or anger, if you don’t want to get out of bed anymore or if you’re not feeling anything anymore.

Are you in need of help?

Contact Psychologist Groningen. We will guide you in your mourning process to be able to eventually live your life the way that you want to. You will feel strong enough to be able to live with your loss. Our assistant Betty Jongbloed will answer your questions gladly. You can also make a first appointment with her.

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