Treatment of stress and burn out

What is the difference between stress, being overstrung and a burnout?

Stress, everybody has to deal with it. Stress brings your body in a state of awareness. It’s the tension you feel before an exam, a performance, a job interview or an anxious situation. Stress makes us alert and keeps you on your toes so that you can perform better. When the job is done, or the situation over, the tension will dissipate on its own. This tension is a part of life and healthy. If the stress takes too long however and you are unable to recover from it or relax again, you can get overstrung. You have been pushing yourself too much, but most of the time it’s enough to rest well and to take a step back for a while.

Stop resisting

If you have a burnout, you are, in contrast to being overstrung, actually too late. You have gone too far. You have ignored the signals of your body too long under the feeling that you should be able to deal with it. When you have light stress, you can work better. When being overstrung, you get into the danger zone. And with burnout your body tells you that it’s over now. You can’t go any further.

Getting energy back

The signals that are there with a burnout are, among other things, exhaustion, memory difficulties, sleeplessness, being chaotic and being sad a lot of the time. You swallowed hard, looked yourself in the mirror and off you went again. And then suddenly it’s as if your body has pulled the plug. You just can’t go any further. The exhaustion takes over and you have no idea how it all came to this. Panic attacks can also occur in situations that you could handle previously without any difficulty. You always had control and now you are suddenly surrendered. These are all characteristics of a burnout.

Gone is your lust for life

With a burnout you lose a lot in a short amount of time. You become a stranger to yourself, you isolate from others, you don’t trust yourself anymore and lose confidence. You are alone. And the people that want to help you, the people close to you, are hard to bear.

The most common complaints with a burnout are:

– Physical exhaustion, being unable to recharge

– Concentration and memory complaints

– Feelings of incompetence and cynicism

– Feelings of failure

– Sleeping problems

– Worrying a lot

– Being tense and being unable to get anything done

– Headache, stomach ache or muscle ache

It’s possible to treat burnout well

You are not alone with your problems. Many people went ahead of you and it has gotten a lot of attention in the treatment practice. We are now able to treat burnout well. We will help you regain a sense of energy. We will work on how you can relax effectively, how to divide your energy during the day and/or how to deal with conflicts. You will learn to put up healthy boundaries, say no or speak your mind without hurting others.

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