Fear of failure

What is fear of failure?

We all know it, stress before an exam or being afraid that you’ll stumble over your words during a presentation. This stress is healthy and will keep you sharp, it makes you able to perform better. When the stress gets to be too much however and it will start to hinder you, we can talk about fear of failure. You are so afraid to make mistakes, that this will actually happen.

Characteristics of fear of failure

The most common characteristics of fear of failure are:

– Worrying excessively about what can go wrong

– Thinking the worst will happen

– High breath, sweating, shaking or stress before a moment of performance

– Wanting to do it perfectly

– Treating yourself badly when you’ve done something wrong

– Loneliness

Working on fear of failure

Just like other feelings of anxiety, you can also work on fear of failure. Psychologist Groningen gives the Fear of Failure course since 2015 at the Hanze Hoogeschool Groningen with which a lot of students are helped every year. On an individual level we will investigate where your fear of failure is coming from, what its use was for you and how you can now treat it differently.

A life full of mistakes

You will always make mistakes in your life, there is no escaping that. But how you can deal with those failures and how you feel about them, is something you can influence. Together we will work towards a more self-confident and compassioned way to make mistakes, so that it doesn’t impede you anymore, but actually helps you forward.

Contact Psychologist Groningen. We will learn how to fail well together. Our assistant Betty Jongbloed will answer your questions gladly. You can also make a first appointment with her.

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