Anxiety and phobia treatment

Anxiety and phobia treatment

When you are afraid every day, but you don’t know what for, we are talking about an anxiety disorder. You’re experiencing anxiety, but can’t place it. Fear has an influence on your whole body. Because of the constant worries, your muscles are tensed, you will have trouble falling asleep and have trouble with your stomach and bowels (overactivity through the nervous system). When these feelings affect your daily live, it’s recommended to start anxiety treatment.


It’s also possible that you have a phobia. Different than an anxiety attack, there is a clear source for your feelings. You can be afraid of spiders for example, for blood or experience a fear of hights. You can also have a fear of being watched or judged by others (social phobia). For example when you have to speak in public.

Anxiety and phobia treatment

When the anxiety or phobia makes it hard for you to carry out daily tasks or if it stops you from being able to work, then therapy will help you on your way again. Psychologist Groningen works with different therapies, so that you can get a treatment tailored to you.

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