About psychologist drs. Dea Boom

My name is Dea Boom and I am the practitioner of Psychologist Groningen. I would love to tell you a bit about my background and what keeps me busy, so that you can get a sense of who you’ll be meeting.

Education and experience

I graduated as a psychologist at the University of Groningen in 2012. After this I have worked in a couple of different practices and gained experience with individual treatment, group therapy and relationship therapy. I have learned a lot about different treatment methods and I express my own vision of the trade in my own practice, Psychologist Groningen since 2021. I have been accredited as a gestalt therapist in 2020. I also teach my own developed Fear of Failure course at the Hanze Hoogeschool in Groningen since 2015.

Meeting each other with respect

In my life, professionally and personally, I strive to treat others respectfully. The differences between people make our lives richer and more exciting and that’s why I’m always curious what drives you and what makes you who you are. I will meet you from a fundament of trust and openness. I suspect this is one of the reasons that I get the feedback that people don’t feel judged by me and can talk about anything, even when they feel very lonely about it.

How do I help you?

Other feedback that I get is that I radiate calmness. I try to work as much as possible from my awareness. It means that I will use what happens between you and me in the consultation room. If I for example notice that I’m getting distracted, I will convey this to you so that we can investigate together what it means. Maybe you feel lonely at that moment or find it difficult to make a deeper connection to someone. By offering you a safe environment in which I can challenge you to make new experiences, we will come to new possibilities that you can integrate in your personal life.

I will never tell you what to do. It’s my goal to make you aware of what you are doing and how that feels, to subsequently help you do that which you can get behind, with your mind and your heart. Whatever direction it will be, that is up to you. I will help you get there.


In therapy I’m never afraid to show myself. I’m just a human being like you and if it’s fitting, I can show you how I deal with things in life. Because if I can do it, you can do it too.

We are there for you

Do you want to become acquainted? Call or mail us, our assistant Betty Jongbloed will gladly answer all of your questions. You can call daily between 9:00 and 16:00 to make an appointment: 050 – 205 0088 or send an e-mail >