Waiting time, rate & reimbursement

Waiting time

Waiting time until intake after which treatment will start immediately: 1 to 2 weeks

Rate and session length

For an appointment with Psychologist Groningen, also the intake, you get 60 minutes. This consists of 45 minutes direct time and 15 minutes indirect time for the psychologist. A relationship therapy session is double this time, so 90 minutes direct time and 30 minutes indirect time for the psychologist. We ask €98,- per hour.

How many sessions?

How many sessions are needed is depended on the seriousness, the nature, but also the length of the problems. You will understand that if the problems are there for years, they can’t be solved in a few sessions. We also find it important to work thoroughly, because this reduces the chance of relapse. During the intake we will discuss what your wishes are and what we can offer you.

Deliberation with your insurance company

We recommend to deliberate with your insurance company and to inform yourself well about reimbursement. Indicate that our treatment can be reimbursed from the additional insurance. The differences can be big: from a complete reimbursement or a maximum of sessions to nothing at all.

The services offered by Psychologist Groningen will be reimbursed by the additional insurance and this has a number of advantages:

– You are not bound to a maximum of sessions. This makes it possible to divide the sessions in such a way that the effect of treatment increases.

– No use of ‘eigen risico’ (‘own risk)’. The own risk is €385,- or more! You will have to pay this when you go to a psychologist that gets reimbursed by the basic insurance.

– In a lot of cases the psychological care from the additional insurance is cheaper with a full treatment.

Payment and cancellation

You will get the bill via e-mail and are asked to pay within the said timeframe.

Cancelling an appointment is always possible, but communicate this at least 24 hours ahead, then we have time to invite someone else. If you cancel within 24 hours, we are forced to bill the hour to you. You will then get a no show bill of €75,-.

You can call daily between 9:00 and 16:00 to make an appointment: 050 – 205 0088 or send an e-mail >