Psychologist Groningen is at the moment a franchise of Practice A.G.J. Kooij. We like to work together with other practices. If it’s necessary to contact your general practitioner, a district team or other therapist, we will do this in consultation with you and only with your permission. We strive to keep our quality as high as possible and to offer a complete treatment when possible.


Sometimes it’s necessary to refer to a different practice, because we can’t offer what is needed. We work together with:

Praktijk Hoek Melkweg (a practice in the city completely focused on students)

Maurice Foulon (a gestalt practice, focused on onderlying motivations and depth)

Ria Bouma (a good therapist in Roden)

Inter-Being (an international practice that gives therapy in multiple languages and is focused on existential questions and expats)

De Leefstijl Diëtist (Yasmin de Blecourt is a good dietitian with whom I work together around eating disorders among other things)

Interested in cooperating?

Are you a practitioner in the neighborhood and do you want to cooperate with us? Please contact us.